Craft based Livelihood Program

With support from Tata trusts, DSS has been implementing a Craft based livelihood project at Barkhama Dhokra cluster in baliguda block of kandhamal district. The program has 3 major objectives viz
i) Enhancing the income of 125 artisan households to double,
ii) Increasing the crafts production volume 3 fold and
iii) Provide wage employment to artisans for at least 200 days a year..

Achievements during the year :
• A project team has been placed with 5 staff members.
• A baseline study has been conducted to know the status of the artisans and the cluster.
• A project launching event was organized where Govt, PRI, official from Tata Trusts and other stakeholders participated. The objective was to garner cooperation from all stakeholders.
• 2 nos of skill up-gradation trainings were conducted where 45 semi skilled artisans were trained in advanced skill and technique of Dhokra making. 25 types of prototypes were developed.
• A Raw material Bank has been established in th project which lends the raw materials to artisans and receives the finished products back. During the year 1.88 quintals of Brass and 0.245 quintals of wax have been supplied 15 artisan families.
• A comprehensive Design development program was continued by a designer deputed by Tata trusts. The designer have guided a team of expert artisans in new designs for a period of 6 months (One week a month). 45 new prototypes were developed by 24 artisans.
• New improved tools and new techniques of casting were introduced to the artisans.
• The marketing person has facilitated market of Dhokra from the cluster by attending national and state level exhibitions, order supply, shop contact etc.
• An external capital fund of Rs.5 lakh has been mobilized from Rang De to establish a micro venture for continuing the production and sale.
• Monthly tracking of the business by artisans have been done by the project team. The project has been able to enhance the artisan income by 50%.

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